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Launch: Truvis Authentica & broncolor Scope D50
Next level surface visualisation
Truvis AG · September 26, 2018
Truvis and Broncolor present their system for RTI-Imaging at Photokina

After intense research and development Truvis and Broncolor present their system for RTI-Imaging at Photokina in Cologne (26. - 29.9.18). The International Trade Fair for photography and imaging is the ideal platform to launch this innovative imaging solution which consists of the Authentica software package and the Scope D50 illumination dome.
The Scope D50 is a portable state-of-the-art illumination device equipped with white light LED’s (UV-/IR-LED’s optional) and is used to acquire 48 images each illuminated from a different angle.
The Authentica Creator software generates and visualizes a digital surface model from the images captured with the Scope D50 which contains information about the objects color, glossiness, surface orientation and materiality. This digital surface model can be interactively relighted in real-time which allows the viewer to redefine the lighting situation and instantly get a realistic feeling for the materials shown in a given scene. The interactive visualizations can be easily integrated into any website and viewed on any devices without additional plugins. The applications of this technology range from cultural heritage imaging to online presentation of products.

Vist us at Photokina Hall 02.1 | Stand A021, 26. - 29.9.18, Cologne

About Authentica

Authentica is the name of a software package developed and sold by Truvis which includes the Authentica Creator and Authentica Viewer. Authentica Creator is a desktop application (Win/Mac) used to generate digital surface models from a given set of input images and to create virtual scenes which can be interactively relighted. These virtual scenes can be exported for online presentation. Authentica Viewer is a web application which can easily be integrated into any existing website and display the virtual scenes without the need of any additional plugins.
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About Scope D50

The Scope D50 is a portable and easy-to-use illumination dome used to acquire the input images for the Authentica Creator software. Built by broncolor, the leading company in lighting equipment, it features high-quality LED’s, a touch display, camera mount and a handy suitcase for transportation.
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About Truvis

Truvis AG is a spin-off from the Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel and was founded in 2017. Truvis brings together know-how from physics, scientific and computational photography, optics, computer graphics and color-science. This know-how is used to develop innovative imaging and visualization software that digitally recreates a realistic visual impression of any material. Truvis also provides services and customized solutions to transfer the authentic appearance of real objects and materials to the digital domain. Truvis strongly believes that through close interaction with customers, tailored solutions that meet their requirements can be created in an effective way.
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About Broncolor

Bron Elektronik AG has been making lighting and flash systems for photographers since 1958. The company's leadership in the market for 60 years now, reflects the fact, that innovation and quality are crucial. Its success is no coincidence: broncolor is specialized in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment, and is always accessible to customers. A family atmosphere reigns at the Allschwil headquarters, and the company’s employees are highly motivated.
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About Truvis

Company History

Our Origins
Truvis is a spin-off from the Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel. With its roots in applied scientific photography and rich experience in digital imaging, the DHLab was the ideal starting point for an innovative company like Truvis which synergically combines know-how from various fields like photography, optics, electrical engineering, informatics, physics, color-science and perception theory.

Initial Research
While working on the simplification of RTI applications, a first prototype of a lighting dome was developed in 2011 which has been improved in the following years. From 2014 on, custom software for the RTI generation and visualization was developed. In the same project the visualization of inhomogeneous glossy surfaces was researched, which resulted in our patent pending extension of the RTI standard (Truvis e-RTI). Starting 2015, web based cross-platform visualization software was developed to give easy access to our e-RTI data.

Doing Business
Truvis GmbH was incorporated in May 2017 and transformed to Truvis AG in November 2017 when a small group of investors was found who were likewise convinced of the potential.
Bron Elektronik AG, a Swiss company leading in the field of lighting equipment was found as a first hardware partner. Together, the Scope D50 was developed into a purchasable product which was launched together with the Authentica software framework at Photokina in fall 2018.

What we do

Our Vision
Our vision is to enable digital imaging and exploration of these images at a level of realism not seen before. By combining computer technology and photography we go beyond any previously known approach to visualize images on a computer. Our virtual scenes do not simply represent a static view as classical photographs do. They also include information about the materiality of the surfaces shown in the image. Allowing the viewer to interactively explore these images by changing the lighting situation and seeing the changes immediately, a feeling for the texture of the materials is created which can not be reached with classical photographs.

Power to the People
We provide customers with an easy to use system which allows them to create, explore and easily share such images using standard web and mobile technologies. Our system consists of a lighting dome (e.g. Scope D50 or any other device) and the Authentica software framework developed at Truvis. The lighting dome is used for the acquisition of the image data and the Authentica software for generating and editing the digital surface models which can then be viewed and shared as realistic scenes. For viewing no special software besides a standard web browser is needed which allows to easily share the results with a broad audience. We also offer the complete workflow from acquisition (also on customer site) to creating web-ready visualizations as a service.

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