Authentica Creator

Imaging and visualisation software that digitally recreates the visual impression of real objects and materials.

Digitize Surfaces

Authentica Creator generates a digital surface model from a set of images with varying light directions.

Beyond Color

We extract shape, color and reflection characteristics to achieve highly realistic renderings.

Re-Light & Interact

The resulting digital material textures can be interactively re-lighted in a 3D scene under virtual lighting conditions.

Inspect & Analyse

Reveal subtle and hard to capture surface features through enhanced rendering methods.

Authentica Creator provides rich tools for visualizing key surface characterics selectively.

Document & Compare

Record, track and compare the state of objects over time and space.

Reproducible illumination and viewing configurations allow efficient and easy exchange between collaborators.

Present & Publish

Create stunning animated and interactive visualisations.

Export to static high-res images or publish as 3D-scene on any webpage with rti.js

See for yourself

Scabal Fabric
Embossed Paper

Hardware independent

Authentica Creator is independent of the illumination device and camera type used for image aquisition.

Bring your own Device

The software can be calibrated to work with any existing light dome or even manual illumination setups.

Turn-key Solution

Authentica Creator comes with a ready to use calibration for the custom built broncolor Scope D50 developed by Bron Elektronik AG in close collaboration with Truvis.

Advanced Algorithms

Our patent pending algorithms for gloss recognition allows for digitization highly complex materials.

Regularly updated

Profit from continuous improvements and new features introcuced by by our regularly available updates.

Use everywhere

Authentica Creator is available for MacOS and Windows and allows easy sharing of data between users and devices.

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