Truvis Authentica

Beyond Photography

Truvis Authentica extracts the surface texture, true color and reflection characteristics of real-life objects.

Dynamic Lighting

Enables interactive re-lighting in a 3D-environment under virtual lighting conditions.

Display Anywhere

Based on open web standards, Authentica visualisations run in any modern browser. No installation required.

Let there be light

Interact in real-time from any device.

Create and apply infinite lighting settings - after capturing, and without direct access to the objects.

Truvis Authentica can be easily integrated in any website and shown in any modern web browser, even on mobile devices.

Click & drag to change the light direction.

Authentica in Action

See how the Authentica framework provides a new level of flexibility for working with remote and hard to access objects.

Data aquisition can be realized fast and in situ with minimal infrastructure.

Data processing, detailed examination, editing or preparation for archival can then be achieved remotely without direct access to the objects.

Put your product in the spotlight

Truvis Authentica provides a engaging and interactive experience.

Reflecting the true visual appearance of surface color and texture more accurately and more tangible than simple images.

Enabling online communication of high quality objects and materials.

Don't take our word for it

Here's what others say:

' A wonderful moment for researchers.
We can now see things,
that were in fact invisible before. '

Prof. Regine Hunziker-Rodewald
University of Strasbourg

' Truvis Authentica provides
a more haptic experience
for visitors of our website. '

Anthrazit Finest Clothing GmbH

' Users can get a realistic
impression of the
artwork on their screen. '

The Swiss Ressearch Magazine

' Zukunftstechnik
für das Gestern '

Basellandschaftliche Zeitung

' Wenn Archäologie
auf Hightech trifft ' News
University of Basel

' At a stretch you could
call it a kind of
‘studio light RAW’ format. '

Digital Camera World

' It has a whole new dimension
[...] it becomes a real
object that i can study. '

Jonathan Tubb,
The British Museum

Make the invisible visible

Gain new insights through detailed and accurate surface examination.

Truvis Authentica extracts rich information about the true color, reflection behaviour, texture and surface shape of objects.

Advanced rendering methods allow for virtual enhancement of specific surface characteristics. This can reveal e.g. fine irregularities like scratches and dents in surface texture.

Drag the handle on the image to compare different rendering methods.

See for yourself

Scabal Fabric
Embossed Paper

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A modular imaging and visualisation framework that digitally recreates the visual impression of real objects and materials.

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Authentica Creator

Imaging and visualisation software that digitally recreates the visual impression of real objects and materials.

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A plug-and-play web application for integrating Authentica visualisations on any website. Works everywhere, no external plug-in or app download required.

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Imaging & Visualisation

We provide imaging and visualisation technology that digitally recreates the visual impression of real objects under virtual lighting situations.
We bring together know-how from physics, computational photography, optics, computer graphics and color science.

Beyond photography