rti.js How To

Learn how to embedd interactive Authentica Visualisations on any webpage.


  • Export your scene from Authentica Creator using the 'Export for Web' button.
    This will produce a folder containing all configuration and data files you need for dispaying your Authentica visualisations on the web.
  • Download the rti.js library from here, and unpack the .zip file.
  • Upload both the data folder and the library to your HTTP Server.

    Minimal HTML example

              <!DOCTYPE html>
      <script src="/libs/rti.js/rti.min.js"></script>
      <div id="viewerContainer"></div>
        var viewer = new RTI.RTIViewer( document.getElementById("viewerContainer") );
          function() {
            console.log("Success: loaded and applied configuration.");
          function(message) {
            console.log("ERROR: Could not load or set configuration. " + message);