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Helios S53 UV

Helios S53 UV

We are pleased that you have decided to purchase the Helios S53 UV. This high-quality device will serve you well for a long time if handled properly. The Helios S53 UV Illumination Dome is used to obtain the raw data for the creation of RTI's using software such as Authentica Creator from Truvis. This allows the reflection properties of surfaces to be measured, characterized and realistically displayed.

1. Important Safety Instructions

General Warning UV Warning
Allgemeines Warnzeichen UV Warnzeichen
Read manual before use Warning of UV radiation
Socket for mains adapter section 3.7 The light protection curtains must be attached to the illumination dome before the UV-LED's are put into operation section 3.6
Socket for PC-Sync cable section 3.5
  • The Truvis Helios S53 lighting dome may only be operated by trained personnel. Read all the information in these operating instructions carefully before using the device. It is imperative that you follow the safety instructions contained therein!
  • Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the operating instructions!

  • All transport protection and packaging elements must be removed before commissioning!
  • Pay particular attention to your equipment in the presence of children! Do not leave the lighting dome unattended!

  • The lighting dome is equipped with UV-LED's! The undesirable side effects on skin and eyes are reduced by using the supplied light protection curtains! The irradiation of unprotected skin and eyes must be avoided! Avoid eye contact with the light source!

  • The Truvis illumination dome may only be used with original Truvis protective elements and original Truvis accessories!

  • Connecting the Truvis lighting dome to other power supply units can cause danger to the user and damage to the lighting dome! We expressly disclaim any warranty and liability for damage resulting from such unauthorized combinations!

  • Only grounded extension cables that are expressly approved for operation with the lighting dome may be used!

  • To avoid the risk of fire, electric shock or injury, use only accessories recommended by Truvis!

  • Check that the mains voltage corresponds to the specifications on the rating plate of the power supply unit!

  • The lighting dome is designed for operation in a dry environment and an ambient temperature of 5°C to 40°C! The lighting dome must be protected against moisture, condensation, dripping and splashing water, humidity, dirt, sand, metal chips and dust!

  • The lighting dome must be protected against electromagnetic fields, shocks and vibrations!

  • Protect the lighting dome from heat and frost! If the lighting dome freezes, severe technical damage may result!

  • Sudden temperature differences can lead to condensation in the lighting dome! In such situations, the lighting dome must be adjusted to the new temperature in a well-ventilated place for at least one hour before commissioning!

  • Do not use the lighting dome in an explosive environment!

  • The lighting dome must not be operated in or near water!

  • The lighting dome must not be immersed in water or other liquids! This could result in voltage discharges that are dangerous to the touch!

  • To protect the eyes from UV radiation, the lighting dome may only be operated with the light protection curtains attached!

  • When using the illumination dome on a tripod, the illumination dome must be secured to its tripod mount by tightening the retaining screw! Also ensure that the tripod is stable and secure it sufficiently against falling over!

  • Use only intact, grounded connecting cables. Damaged or twisted connecting cables must be replaced by intact connecting cables!

  • The illuminating dome may only be operated on sockets or emergency power generators or accumulators expressly approved by Truvis!

  • If an extension cable is necessary, it must be sufficiently dimensioned for the unit to be supplied! Cables that are not designed for the current in question may overheat! If a cable reel is used, it must be completely unrolled before use to prevent the cable from overheating!

  • Never operate the lighting dome in a bag or container!

  • The lighting dome must not be completely covered!
  • When laying, clearing away or rolling up cables, ensure that they do not present a tripping hazard for persons!

  • Do not touch the connection sockets for the mains cable and do not poke at them with metal objects!
  • Pull out the plug of the mains connection cable when cleaning or maintaining the lighting dome or when it is not in use! Never pull on the cable itself to unplug it, but always directly on the plug housing!
  • If the lighting dome has been dropped or damaged, it must be checked by a specialist before being put back into operation!

  • To avoid dangerous electric shocks, never open the lighting dome! Opening the lighting dome and carrying out service or repair work may only be performed by authorized Truvis service centers!
  • Set up the illumination dome in such a way that the mains adapter socket is easily accessible and you can disconnect the power supply cable from the illumination dome at any time!
  • Only use Truvis original packaging and the transport case to transport the lighting dome! See 3.1 for packing and unpacking instructions.