Inside of Authentica Lightdome illumination system.

Truvis Authentica

A complete and modular toolchain covering all your needs from illumination, image aquisition and processing until the interactive visualisation in a desktop and web environment.

All steps of our toolchain are also available as a service. Contact us to learn more about how to transfer your objects and materials to the digital domain.

Authentica Lightdome

A portable, quick and easy to set-up illumination solution for capturing digital material data in a controlled lighting environment.

Authentica Creator

A standalone software solution to generate digital material textures, based on our patented technology.

Authentica Viewer

A plug-and-play software library for integrating Authentica visualisations on any website. Works everywhere, without plug-in or app download.

How it works


Automated capturing of image data with our controlled illumination device Authentica Lightdome.


Process images to extract shape, color and reflection characteristics and generate digital material textures with Authentica Creator.


Create and publish interactive visualisations with Authentica Viewer. Easy customisation for different target audiences.

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